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This Week's Episode:

BLGP EP 225: What I'm Playing

We take a steamy delve into the depths of what I'm currently playing in our (long-lusted-after and emminently popular) irregular segment that we like to call: "WHAT I'M PLAYING!" Big grab bag of games this week, ranging from an update on last week's featured title, "Vampyr," to "The Textorcist" (which has a free demo available and is totally worth playing), and up to (and including) "Moonlighter" (an interesting take on rogue like, Zelda-style dungeoneering). All this and MOAR!

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---Games Mentioned This Week (Proton):---
--The Textorcist (free demo, or $14.99)
--Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Def Edition, $5.75)
--Xcom 2 Collection (-73%, $35.31)
--Moonlighter ($19.99)
--Bioshock Infinite (-75% $7.49)
--Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (-70%, $11.99 through Feb 18th)

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Can't win if I suck, can't win if I kill them, can't make my teammates happy, can't make the opposition shut up, can't skate by being quiet, can't be listened to when I talk, can't whisper, can't yell, can't represent myself as nobody, can't represent myself as the critic behind bestlinuxgames, can't record through steam, can't be believed to run linux, can't explain, can't get by without NOT explaining (mkv/vid compression codec part), can't lose without being criticized for sucking and can't win without being accused of cheating, yes, truly , in this match: THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY FOR ME TO WIN! LOL! Enjoy the drunkenness!


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