BLGP EP 400: Summer Sale, SCOTUS, Dev Letters, Friend Love Beams II

Sorry we're late this week, but the SCOTUS ruling really took the wind out of my sails. We're here with our 400th episode just the same: some Steam Summer Sale quick picks, and - in the wake of "Dying Light" reaching end of life after 7 years, 2 poignant letters from developers that are poignant, insightful and interesting.

NOTE: our steam summer sale quick picks list has been omitted from these notes for brevity; listen to the episode to hear them.

PLEASE: Help the people of Ukraine as they struggle to flee or endure this insane war of unprovoked Russian genocide. This week, we'll let you do the legwork by coming over's list of recommended, BBB accredited orgs working to provide relief in Ukraine. Please give what you can.

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Nightmare Reraper (-25% $18.74 through July 7th)

Gearshifters (-50% $12.49)

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