Deus Ex Flash Sale Provides Gamers With Golden Opportunity

For gamers who know they are going to be incapable of resisting buying the game and DLCs, 48 hour flash sale is your chance to get the game at steep discount - without compromising your morals or ethics in real-life! Read on for details....
Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 8:15pm
"This sale comes just months after the game's street date (August 23, 2016), meaning that gamers who buy the game at this price are essentially getting the title for free..."

So, as outlined in this week's episode of the podcast, the latest installment of the "Deus Ex" universe could have been a fantastic game, truly a historic and important title - if only its publisher hadn't decided to intentionally butcher the finished work, parcelling out portions of the complete game into a dishonestly named, unfairly expensive, and essentially unethical abomination of a "season pass DLC," and further ruined by only being able to experience the game as it was originally designed by in game microtransactions we estimated to cost an additional $50-$60, bringing the total cost for the game (as originally designed to be released as the full game) to an astonishingly unfair $160ish dollars. 

This decision - to lie to their consumers, destroy an otherwise magnificent game in the name of short-sighted bold-faced rapist-caliber greed, market these components in super shady ways, and essentially kill their own fantastic and othberwise wonderful title for the worst reasons and in the worst ways, etc. - not only made it impossible for us to recommend the game from a critical and design perspective (especially if you actually take into account the game from a cost-benefit analysis point of view), but most importantly, branded the entire creation as an abomination whose creators shouldn't just be punished by the silence of consumer sales, but also led us to make the plea for gamers to not buy the title on the grounds of personal morality: buying this game and its associated DLC isn't just a vote for practices that are bad for games and the industry and the player, but is actually supporting a type of evil that shouldn't just be troubling on a moral level, but should be anethema to any person's sense of ethics with any kind of moral compass.

Well, that all changed hours after we released our episode decrying these horrible practices when Square Enix put the game up for midweek madness sale on the Steam store, dropping the asking price for "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" (which is the "full game" minus the "rest of the full game" they ripped out and are sold seperately) from $59.99 to $19.97. This sale price (as of the time of this writing) will be available for the next 36 hours. 

This truly brutal bargain markdown doesn't just come close to negating the most punishing aspect of the game's real price tag, making it more affordable for gamers to actually buy, but makes buying the game during this sale a fantastic way of being able to play the title while simultaneously punishing Square Enix for thier idiocy: "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" is a world-class triple-A title whose development budget came in around the $97 million USD mark, spurring the insanely greedy butchery and mark up and parcelling of the game into seperate revenue streams at its release. This sale comes just months after the game's street date (August 23, 2016), meaning that gamers who buy the game at this price are essentially getting the title for free (at least, according to the twisted logic of Square Enix's distorted pricing model - this sale utterly destroys everything the ruined the game to charge extra for), meaning that - for the morally troubled gamers out there who knew buying the title is the wrong thing to do but were also self-aware enough to know that they would ultimately lack the strength to resist eventually buying it - now is an opportunity to get the title in a way that won't make you feel like a fucking Nazi collaborator every time you boot it up, AND also marginally makes it less insanely expensive to afford, AND truly actually HURTS Square Enix.

This game will still require the additional purchases of the "Season Pass DLC" and or the outlay of further investment in in game microtransactions to fully enjoy the game as it was originally meant to be experienced, none of which are discounted at all, but if you want to be able to both play the game and still be able to look yourself in the eye, this is absolutey your chance to do so, and is one that (by virtue of actually injuring Square Enix) BLGP not only endorses this as being non-reprehensible, but actively encourages as many gamers to take advantage of this sale as possible. I'll be buying and gifting several copies of the game later tonight just to put my fist into the facial rectum of Square Enix for their war-crimes; I suggest you do the same. 

Happy Holidays!

-Seth "Fingers" Flynn Barkan is the author of "Blue Wizard Is About To Die," and is the host of the Best Linux Games Podcast, a weekly audio podcast covering only the best games available for the GNU/Linux Operating System. Which will own you, SUCKAH! (he can be contacted via twitter @Vegaswriter or by sending a message directly through Steam to "skookiesprite")