Devil May Cry 5 Proton Fix (mfplat.dll)

You may be able to play all of DMC5 out of the box using Proton, but you will need these fixes to actually beat the game
Sunday, March 17, 2019 - 8:30am

Devil May Cry 5 Proton Fix (mfplat.dll)
You may be able to play all of DMC5 out of the box using Proton, but you will need these fixes to actually beat the game

Things you will need:
-the full path to your install of the game: right click on the game's title in your steam client, go to "Properties," then to "Local Files," and "Browse Local Files," then copy that path from your file browser.
-The steam Appid of the game. For DMC5 this is 601150.
-The file path to your Proton prefix for the game: this is similar to your install directory, but is different; this is where the wineprefix for the game actually exists on your hard drive (and you will need to have run the game at least once to generate it). for DMC5, it will loook something like .../steamapps/compatdata/601150/pfx/
-an mfplat.dll that has an md5sum of 54b5dcd55b223bc5df50b82e1e9e86b1. You can get this from my dropbox at:
(if this link doesn't work, please let me know on twitter @Vegaswriter and I will fix it for you)
ALTERNATIVELY, you can follow the instructions in this video to get the mfplat.dll you need from free virtualbox images and microsoft:

These instructions are based on the instructions contained in that youtube video above; yes, I am aware that it refers to "Resident Evil 2.0," but it's the same fix for DMC5.

Here are all the links for everything else, then we can get started:

The tutorial video:

DXVK binaries:


latest winetricks for wget:

windows 7 service pack:

windows 10 vm:

mfplat.dll should haver md5sum matching:

This is not a simple process, but we're going to try to make it as painless as possible. The order of operations is extremely important.

1: Run the game if you haven't already. This generates the proton/wine prefix for steam to handle.

2: Download the latest DXVK release tar from
Extract it, and then copy the .dll files inside the x64 folder to your game install directory.

3: Download python_installcab by git cloning it to wherever you choose. cd to that directory in your terminal, edit the script (using nano, sublime, whatever editor you choose), uncommenting lines 138-147. Save the file, and leave that terminal open (where you're still in that directory); we will come back to this later.

4a: In a new terminal, cd to where your steam has installed a wineprefix for the game. This path will look like:
Once there, run:
-> wget
-> chmod +x winetricks
And then use this winetricks to install xact and mf into the prefix by entering:
-> WINEPREFIX=~/.steam/steamapps/compatdata/601150/pfx/ ./winetricks xact mf

This step may crash if you don't have wine installed or if you mess up the prefix path. If it crashes, you have to be sure to manually kill all wine-based processes in a new terminal window. Just do:
-> ps -e | grep "wine"
and then
-> kill -9 [PID] [PID] etc.
and start again.

4b: export your wineprefix by doing:
-> export WINEPREFIX=~/.steam/steamapps/compatdata/601150/pfx/

5a: If you know that python2 is the version running on your system by default then you can skip this step, otherwise, check it by doing:
-> python
>>> import platform
>>> platform.python_version()

if this spits out anything that doesn't start with a "2," then you are going to have to do some extra work (see the video linked above for those instructions).

5b: For everyone else, go back to your python-installcab directory and run
-> ./

6: Download the mfplat.dll file from our dropbox (or follow the instructions in the video linked above to get said file froma virtual machine running on your system). Make sure you check the md5sum of the mfplat.dll you get by using the following wherever you park it:
-> md5sum mfplat.dll
If the md5sum matches:
Thben you are good to go. Copy the mfplat.dll into your install directory 9NOT your prefix), and then you should be good to go.

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