Devil May Cry 5 Proton Fix (mfplat.dll)

Devil May Cry 5 Proton Fix (mfplat.dll)
You may be able to play all of DMC5 out of the box using Proton, but you will need these fixes to actually beat the game

Dead Cells finally hits V1.0

For the better part of a year, I've been telling viewers of the livestream (www.twitch.tv/skookiesprite) that they must sing, lest I perish. The song is simple:

"I am dungeon scum.

And that is all I really am. Yeah!

I am dungeon scum.

And that is all I really am. Yeah!"

Rinse, wash, repeat. Forever.

Best of the Steam Summer Sale 2018

It's time again for the Steam Summer Sale. That magical moment when Steam opens up its treasure-horde catalog of games at "everything must go" insane sale prices. Although last year's sale was somewhat lackluster for us Linux devotees, this year has redeemed the event, inspiring us to put together a list of the best deals you shouldn't miss.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Endurance Mode

Dying of hypothermia, I finally relent, choosing to light the signal fire, but it's bad juju on top of bad timing. Night is about to fall, and the rescue helicopter isn't the only thing that will see the fire, especially under the cover of darkness. It will draw the bad guys, and draw them in force.

OG Hackers

 My name is Aurullox. I am a 7 foot tall, 280 pound, dual-ax-weilding behemoth. Clad in chain mail frosted blue from the cold, my enemies cower when they see my Goldilocks-style pigtails lumber out of the snow towards them, facial tattoos glowing red from my rage. Yes, you read right: pigtails: gigantic, pectoral-length, blonde little girl pigtails... attached to my very own, fearsome, humorless, Viking-warrior demigod Fabio-physique. Obviously, I am the first metrosexual Viking.

Try Some Strange

Let's not beat around the bush here: "Sundered" ($19.99, Thunder Lotus Games) is a uniquely strange take on the old-school "Super Metroid"/"SOTN" 2D sidescrolling platformers.

The keyword in that sentence is "strange." Everything about this game is just the slightest bit "off," and, after just under 3 hours of playtime, it's hard to determine which aspects of the game were designed with this goal of strangeness in mind - and which parts just accidentally ended up being so fucking... well, odd.

Of Jump Boots and Locked Doors

 BLGC 2017-07-08

Sug Head: Of Jump Boots and Locked Doors

Sug Sub: "Hollow Knight" has a "nothing to prove" attitude that conceals sidescrolling delights

Super Zapper Recharge!

BLGC 2017-06-10

Head: Super Zapper Recharge!

Sub: Use virtualjaguar to play some old favorites, or to discover some new faves you just missed!

With the release schedule for new games currently in a bit of a lull, we'd like to take this moment to introduce you to an all-time classic title finally playable on an emulator that's (very likely) lurking within your Linux distro's default repositories, just waiting to be installed and fired up!

Flinthook Counter-Punches

 Flinthook has a lot going for it: one of the only sidescrolling, procedurally-generated, rogue-like, traditional-platformers made during the Steam Era of Linux gaming, it advances the same design ethos as its excellent progenitor, "GoNNER," by adding numerous play mechanics to the mix. These include the (constantly-used, pervasive, and inventive) hookshot grappling hook (a play mechanic which I firmly believe no game should be without), upgradeable/tweakable blaster pistol, and the limited ability to slow down time using Flinthook's ChronoBelt.

Resources for episode 222

Here are the cliff notes version to episode 222 of the Best Linux Games Podcast segment about using PCSX2 to finally play your old PS2 games on your Linux machine!


See some video:



Get PCSX2:

PPA for Ubuntu/etc. users:


For Arch users:


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