IMPORTANT: Tell Twitch to Bring Back "Linux" Tag

Dear friends and neighbors in the Linux gaming community,

It has recently come to my attention (thanks to Snailsquatch), that Twitch has eliminated “Linux” from the service’s accepted tags associated with a livestream.

This is unacceptable.

Not only does it specifically hurt our own podcast and its efforts to do outreach for Linux evangelism, of greater concern is how this move cripples end users from finding specific content that is directly relevant to their interests (in this case, Linux gaming).

Steam Store Proves End Times Here

As if in a direct attempt to destroy our minds with some kind of deranged psychological experiment designed to stress test our pathetic human mind's capacity to endure deprivation, hope, and despair before finally succumbing to complete, raving madness, the Steam Store has finally provided the long-suffering Linux-based users with the forbidden power they have longed and hoped for for centuries.

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